Verita and I went to watch Storks last night. Though the visual effects are not as good as Zootopia, it was a movie full of laugh and happiness.


The story begins with the a stork who called Junior who is the best deliverer in a deliver company and always aims to be the next boss.

When he was told to fire the only human employee in the company, he failed to do so but put the girl into a vacant position – checking mails.

However, the girl received a mail from a family where a boy asked a younger baby brother from and accidentally started the deprecated baby production machine.

Then, the journey to return the baby begins.

From my animation perspective, the best idea from the movie are the wolfs:

Basically, the animators transfer a pack of 100 wolves into basically, anything:


Unfortunately, I was unable to find any transformed picture of wolves’ airplane, wolves’ submarine, and wolves’ cars…

In a word, it’s astonishing imagination.


P. S. The translation of the title “Storks” into Chinese “逗鸟外传:萌宝满天飞” is bad, so bad!