Maryland Science Center 游记 & 攻略

Today we went to Maryland Science Center (MSC). It’s only about 35 minutes away from UMD. We suggest you directly setup the GPS to the Arrow Parking Garage.

11 E Lee St Baltimore, MD 21202

You should press the button and get the ticket at the garage entrance, when buying the MSC tickets, ask for a voucher providing you with a flat rate of $9.00 for the entire day parking. Now head to the MSC!

601 Light St, Baltimore, MD 21230

MSC has a long history and is built in 1976. The opening hours, referred from here, is

Monday-Friday: 10 am – 4 pm
Saturday: 10 am – 5 pm
Sunday: 11 am – 4 pm

The tickets 21$ for each adult, 25$ for an addition IMAX film, which is recommended.

In the first floor, you can enjoy the Newton Alley, where lots of classic, kinetic, energetic, hands-on, tangible physics experiments are exhibited. The interactive harp is very interesting. You can enjoy playing the harp by touching the air. (interior IR sensors I guess) Sometimes there are performances going on. We saw three invited children generate fire explode by jumping onto the air pads.


The second floor is about electricity, vision and astronomy. I am very interested in the holographic string here:


  • SpaceLink: Through different interactive experiences you may make a model of a crater, discover the ingredients of a comet, understand the vacuum of space, and simulate experiments done by NASA probes and rovers.
  • Life Beyond Earth: Is there anybody out there? Life Beyond Earth—a new permanent exhibit—helps guests understand what the search for life beyond earth might reveal.


The third floor is about biology and human beings. There is a user-friendly microscope to observe cells from shrimp and blue crab, which is very fascinated.

  • Follow the Blue Crab: Live Maryland crustaceans and their fellow Chesapeake citizens inhabit this watery exhibit.
  • Cells: The Universe Inside Us – Zoom into your own body to see the different cells that make up your heart, brain and bones. These trillions of cells are communicating with each other every moment of our lives.

As for lunch / dinner, there is one cheap and nice Thai food restaurant nearby:

Thai Yun Baltimore

1006 Light St
Baltimore, MD 21230

Wish you good trip there!