[Photography] National Aquarium

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[Photography] Sunflowers

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Verita and I had a nice trip to New York in March.  Our main goal this time is the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET). With over 3 million exhibition items, the MET is among the four largest museums in the world:  英国伦敦的大英博物馆、法国巴黎的卢浮宫、俄罗斯圣彼得堡(Saint Petersburg)的列宁格勒美术馆(The State Hermitage Museum) It is located in New York on the 5th Avenue…

Reviews of Storks

Verita and I went to watch Storks last night. Though the visual effects are not as good as Zootopia, it was a movie full of laugh and happiness. The story begins with the a stork who called Junior who is the best deliverer in a deliver company and always aims to be the next boss….

[Itinerary] The Amish Villiage and Trains

Liang, Ran, Verita and I went to the Amish Village of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania during August 8 and August 9. We had great fun there. Here is a video tour of the Amish Villiage: It takes roughly 2 hours to get the Amish Village from DC. We took the farm-house and village tour ($9.25). A friendly local…

[Iternery] Fallingwater

Verita and I went to Fallingwater during the first weekends of July. For new tourists, pay attention to the following notice on the website: Guided house and specialty tours are offered daily, except on Wednesdays. Reservations are essential in order to guarantee a tour. Fallingwater is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily.  Tour…

[Itinerary] United States Naval Academy

United States Naval Academy 游记 & 攻略 Author: Ruofei Verita and I visited the United States Naval Academy (USNA) during this weekends. The GPS address is 121 Blake Rd, Annapolis, MD 21402 For non-US citizens, please make sure that you has brought your passports and driver license with you before departure. There is security and ID check at the entrance….

GVIL Clean Up

Unlike Dr. Froehlich, who always proposes to clean up the lab first, Dr. Varshney does not push students to clean up the lab… So I clean up the lab by myself when I’m free. The best part of GVIL is that every graduate student is double paid.    

[Itinerary] Maryland Science Center

Maryland Science Center 游记 & 攻略 Today we went to Maryland Science Center (MSC). It’s only about 35 minutes away from UMD. We suggest you directly setup the GPS to the Arrow Parking Garage. 11 E Lee St Baltimore, MD 21202 You should press the button and get the ticket at the garage entrance, when…

[Itinerary] Harpers Ferry + Hershey’s Chocolate World

Harpers Ferry + Hershey’s Chocolate World 游记 & 攻略 适逢Memorial Day三天小长假,遂与Verita驱车前往Harpers Ferry,开始了一次说走就走的短途旅行。 第一站之所以选择哈普斯渡口(Harpers Ferry),距离College Park仅一个半小时车程,首先把GPS地址定位在: 171 Shoreline Drive, Harpers Ferry, WV 25425 其位于西维吉尼亚州(West Virginia)最东缘,被仙纳度河(Shenandoah River)与波多马克河(Potomac River)相夹,与马里兰州(Maryland)及维吉尼亚州(Virginia)相邻,也是仙纳度山谷(Shenandoah Valley)的最北端,与西维吉尼亚州游记上集相同的是山陵,河川,及桥梁多。非常适合 Hiking & Rafting 但不适合Biking,能够Bike的Trail只有一个,而且要扛着自行车上桥,过于纠结,不过路上还是碰到了不少骑自行车的朋友。 首先,我们交了$10公园停车费,坐Shuttle前往Happer’s Ferry的小镇。下车后随人流直奔Potomac River边上,哈普斯渡口的火车山洞及步桥(Footbridge)。步桥南侧是几个废弃的桥墩,火车山洞仍然有火车行驶。   小镇中,我们逛了圣彼得罗马天主教堂(St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church)。这个教堂始建于1833年,是哈普斯渡口的著名地标,也是哈普斯渡口在南北战争炮火下唯一幸存的教堂。该教堂原采用拟哥特式建筑风格(Pseudo-Gothic style),1896年被翻修成当时流行的新哥特式建筑风格(Neo-Gothic style),目前每周日上午仍有弥撒(Mass)活动。教堂正殿十分庄严,入内需要脱帽,可拍照,可用闪光灯。 注意事项 由高速公路开车往哈普斯渡口,速限由65英哩一下降到45英哩,要注意。 到了游客中心的收费口(每车$10美元,2013)后,可以继续开车至下城(Lower Town)火车站的停车场(停车位有限),或是在游客中心旁搭乘免费巴士到下城。 马里兰高地的健行步道全程没有厕所。 Foot Bridge需要dismount bicycle 晚上我们途经Harrisburg小镇,吃了顿美味的Grill: MoMo’s BBQ & Grill 物美价廉…